Height: 6’2”

Weight: 178

Hair:  Brown

Eyes: Hazel




JANE BY DESIGN (PILOT)                                        Co-Star                                 ABC Family/Dir. Lev Spiro   

THE DEFENDERS                                                       Co-Star                                 CBS/Dir. Charlie Haid

DAYS OF OUR LIVES                                                Co-Star                                 NBC


POWER SINGLES                                                         Lead                                     Hourglass Films   

FLUFFENHAUS                                                            Supporting                            Go4It! Productions       

I’LL BE YOUR SAILOR                                                Lead                                     Kiraly Pictures

C.P.A. 2016                                                                     Lead                                     Columbia College

CLOWNLESS                                                                 Lead                                     Columbia College

THINGS OF THIS WORLD                                           Supporting                           Kobo Productions


IMPROV OLYMPIC                                                      “Power Hour”                       iO Chicago Theatre

OLD WICKED SONGS                                                   Steven                                 ActOne Studios

DINNER WITH FRIENDS                                              Tom                                   ActOne Studios

PURE                                                                               Michael                                CCPA

TRAINING  Audition Technique with Taylor Sheridan

Acting Studio- Advanced Scene Study with Kurt Naebig, On-Camera Intensive with Matt Miller, On-Camera Intensive with Doug McDade, Voice-Over with Dave Leffel

Improv Olympic -(iO)  Improv Comedy Training Program (Linke, Messing, Hess, Chin, Arnett, Gregoropolous)

Act One Studios-Fundamentals 1-3 with Grant Stokes, TV & Film with Dan Flannery, Viewpoints with Grant Stokes

Outside Training- Private TV and Film Training with Glenn F. Haines, Voice-Over Training with Jeff Lupetin

SPORTS AND INSTRUMENTS Football (Collegiate Level), Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, Golf, Gymnastics (tumbling), Snowboarding, Weightlifting, Running, Volleyball, Yoga (Practicing Bikram), Rollerblading, Sight Read Piano

ADDITIONAL DEGREES/TRAINING  University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign - BS in Communications

ADDITIONAL SKILLS/INTERESTS Proficient with Handguns, Rifles, and Shotguns, Voiceover Narration, Conversational in French, Landscape Photography, Cooking, Improv, Documentary Filmmaking